The Rawest Friendship

Friendship to us has to be raw or else it's not truly real. We like using the word raw because it embodies us to the core. The word to us means exposed and at its most natural state -- that is where we operate from. Being open, honest, and unafraid of what’s to come (or not come) is the beauty of life. So, here is how this raw friendship began.

Ginamarie and I knew each other in high school. We were not close friends but we did hang around the same crowd. After high school, I always knew I wanted to attend FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) so I applied and was accepted. One day while I was eating lunch at FIDM in San Diego, I saw Ginamarie walk by me. I called out "Ginamarie!" She turned around and then we started talking. Neither of us knew that the other was attending FIDM, especially so soon after high school;  we had just graduated in Spring of 2009. I knew I wanted to start school immediately so I started FIDM that summer,  and apparently, so did she. From that point, we started hanging out at school between classes which lead to us hanging out outside of school. We quickly realized we had similar beliefs about life and our personalities were shockingly similar. It was strange for me at first. I thought, wow! I have known this girl for so long and never really became close with her. Our friendship grew quickly from our first conversation at school. We talked about how we each ended up at FIDM along with our goals. Once our first year was completed, I had to complete the rest of my courses at the Los Angeles FIDM campus since they were not offered in San Diego. When I told Ginamarie, she was excited for me. The next thing we both said to each other at the same time was "What if we go together!?". So we did. We moved in together and finished school in LA, graduating in 2011.

Ginamarie and I in Los Angeles 2010 

Ginamarie and I in Los Angeles 2010 

While living together, we started using made up phrases like 'no boundaries' and 'raw' because once we moved to LA we felt like we could accomplish anything and that we wouldn't hold anything back. We decided to live raw and just go for whatever we dreamed to accomplish. One thing I always wanted to do was learn from a professional stylist. I ended up doing so and working with one on various projects in LA such as TV commercials and magazine photo shoots. Ginamarie earned an internship at the headquarters of a popular makeup company which lead to a position.

That's just a tiny bit of the beginning of us living without boundaries. We truly believed we could accomplish anything.  With positive thinking and a strong work ethic, anything is possible. The people we met and things we saw while living in LA, I will save for another blog; but let’s just say every day was interesting and full of tearful laughing moments. Currently, we are back where we started in San Diego, and beginning a new  journey of our athletic wear line, MHARBANA. It's made in the USA for the strong, fierce, and raw individual who wants to attack life with a positive mind set of no boundaries. You can do anything!