Push It!

Think about your entire day...What did you do? Work 8-10 hours, eat, run errands, watch a show, get ready for the next day? Naturally, at the end of the day, we are tired from it all and ready for the weekend.  We'd like to raise a question to you...  are you really pushing yourself to your full potential? Do you feel fulfilled, accomplished, or genuinely happy with where you are? If the answer is no, you're already getting closer to your solution by reading this. Being self aware and taking action are crucial first steps.

Are you looking forward to the weekend or are you focused on your next accomplishment? Know what your mentality is. Know the time frame of your goals and milestones, and get excited.  Focusing on your goals and the necessary steps to achieve them will motivate you every single day.  You'll wake up ready to take on the day.

"Cheers to the weekend!" It's a phrase people use to get them through the week. But why do we need to wait for the weekend to feel stress free and happy?  It's because we have plans with friends or just time to do things other than work, right? I'm proposing that the "cheers to the weekend" feeling can be accomplished during the week as well. Having a schedule with conscious thoughts that include the  little steps necessary to accomplish those New Years goals, or things that give you peace, will give you more purpose each day. It is as important as clocking in for work. These things contribute to your  fulfillment and happiness. Go back to those big goals you wanted to accomplish; pick one or two, and do small things to contribute to them daily. Before you know it, you will be crossing it off your list. How many goals have you already crossed off this year? It's not too late to start because there is still breath in your lungs. Go for it!

The mentality of "another day, another dollar" isn't for you. You're a warrior. No matter how far behind you are, once you take one step, you're already on your way. You will be fulfilled by taking time in the week to do things that make you feel accomplished and happy. Go the extra mile for yourself. You deserve the best, so give it to yourself. Go hard in the gym, take time to prepare healthy food, make yourself smile; just do you. Every day is your day to live the way you want to live. Going along with the motions is draining;  take control of what you want to happen. You're a warrior. You have been through so much; use that strength to conquer every day.