I am learning to worry less and instead focus that energy into visions of myself being prosperous. I am gaining better perspective of my value through those visions, but taking action is key. Visions come to life only through action.

When taking action, intensity is everything. My intensity comes from my positive attitude. I recognize that my positivity ignites vitality, passion, and courage within. Setting small goals is my way of consistently progressing toward my visions. In my opinion, true success is being genuinely happy with everything in life, knowing regardless of the situation you’re still blessed to be alive with the opportunity to give it another shot. The more shots you take, the more shots you make. You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Action requires confidence. My confidence comes from knowing that I am a relentless woman who will achieve everything I put forth effort to accomplish. Find your confidence. Live your destiny. Conquer every battle.