Seeds Of Growth

With 10 days left in this year, let us take a moment to reflect. What are you proud of and what challenges can you turn into opportunities to grow? This is not about resolutions, it is about creating a raw lifestyle you are proud of. 

Let us take the initiative to break through our fears. "Fear is like fog; it obscures your vision and makes things look worse than they really are. It feels big and intimidating, but it's only temporary" (Joel Osteen). Therefore, planting a small seed of faith will be your first stepping stone to your destination. Believe you can and you will. It might sound crazy but speaking your goals out loud into existence helps. On my way to work daily, I  speak out things I am grateful for and goals I am working towards. Nothing can stop us. Set backs will happen but what we do after those set backs matter most. Will you let them halt your progression or will you figure out an alternate route? "If you believe, fear cannot exist in the same space" ( Aaron Majors). Accept these challenges to make the last 10 days of the year your chance to get ahead for 2017. 

1. Find an image that represents your goals and make it your phone screen saver
2. Start reading a new book
3. Get a head start on detoxing the holiday food you ate. 
4. Go on a hike and cleanse your mind. Admire nature. 
5. Show an act of kindness 

So start, plant your seed of aspirations and watch it flourish into a forest of all your potential. Remember, You are a warrior.