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Out of several battles, our ideas were birthed for MHARBANA. We faced mental and physical battles, from health challenges to overcoming complacency and pushing past fear of failure. Nothing will stop our journey to greatness, not even ourselves. After burying this passion for years, we decided to go for it. We believe that true success begins with happiness in one's self. The root of that is doing what makes us feel fulfilled in life.

This whole idea of starting our athletic wear line manifested organically. Our initial plans for our future were far from this, but our true purposes in life naturally guided us to creating MHARBANA. And when it came to us, our intentions for it were in sync. We find strength from within and uplift one another, so the message for our brand is built upon this. As a brand, MHARBANA embodies the belief to encourage one another and be a warrior in every aspect of life. This means having strength and courage, both mentally and physically.

Our purpose is to support the strong community of people who truly emit these ideals and in return we will reflect these same values. We aim for all of our athletes to be contagiously inspiring to those surrounding them.

So, let’s join together as a powerful force that is relentless in conquering every battle, even if it's you.