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Mark “the Shark” Black

Mark has conquered the battles of being a high school drop out, substance abuser, homelessness, gang and gun violence. He is now pursuing a dual degree program earning a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate of Psychology. He has conquered academic struggles by maintaining a graduate GPA of 4.0. Mark is now an accomplished Mental Health professional, youth development contractor and public speaker. Mark conquered homelessness when he purchased his first home at the age of 25. He now has conquered 10 years of sobriety from which he has written a book of his inspirational journey and his experiences  counseling at risk youth titled “Game Over”. Mark has also conquered within sports, as a lifetime natural athlete Mark has won 7 straight National Physique Committee wins, 2 Overall Championships, 1st place at the Dallas, Texas Europa Championships and recently placed 3rd at the 2017 USA Championships of Bodybuilding. Mark is a testament to conquering every battle, standing victoriously for the misfits while actualizing his dreams. 

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Errol “All Day” Johnson (EJ)

At the young age of 2 until he was 8, EJ battled living in a very poor town in the Philippines with his brother and mother. Being African American in a foreign country was no easy task having to deal with being segregated and bullied for his skin color. That was until he moved to America and restarted his life, but still struggled to adapt to the English literature as he failed the second and third grade literature and had to attend summer classes. Fast forward to now, EJ has become a competitive bodybuilder as he has successfully accomplished top 3 in all 6 shows he has competed in. He plans on obtaining his procard soon and as for his future, he is pursuing a career in the Sheriff’s department and make his way up to the SWAT team. He lives by the motto “God Built Me To Last” as he believes he can overcome any obstacles thrown at him... Mharbana: Unlock the Warrior in you.

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