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MHARBANA is more than just a clothing line. It is a lifestyle of pure quality and high values. It is an emotional connection. Because we believe in this cause and message so strongly, we have invested all of ourselves into this brand. Doing so is always a risk, but it has been a risk we are confidently willing to take. We believe our message will reach all those empowered by it. We know each and every person can relate to these mental or physical battles we face daily. You will not only see our vision, but you will FEEL it.

The fashion industry is the world's second largest polluting industry in regards to CO2 emissions, only following the oil industry. Sadly, it is also one of the biggest employers of slave and child labor. Because of the pesticides used in the cotton farms and the discharged chemicals from toxic dyes, the apparel industry’s mass amount of pollution leaves behind a huge environmental footprint in the world we live in.

As if that’s not enough, the working class for the majority of the fashion industry is often treated poorly with unfair pay, unbearable working conditions, long hours, and no considerable protection against the harmful chemicals used during production. This is why MHARBANA produces 100% of our clothing in the U.S. under safe and fair working conditions.

Our brand aspires for better and emits higher values. This extends as far as how we choose to produce our apparel, which fabrics we select to create each garment, and who we appoint to produce it.

MHARBANA is a sustainable athletic wear line that provides high quality fabrics and unique designs for athletes everywhere. It is designed to enhance, encourage and endure the athletes who wear them. With sustainability at the heart of MHARBANA's values, and our innovative cuts, MHARBANA embodies the qualities one needs to excel in every training session, while complementing and enhancing the athletic body.

Because of our high standards, we choose to eliminate as much carbon and chemicals as possible. When you wear our clothing, we want it to bring you life. We work with only the best selection of sustainable fabric, which in turn leaves you with better quality garments that you can trust.

Sustainability is more than a benefit, it’s a lifestyle. It provides a healthier environment, while contributing to a more prosperous, growing economy with fair practices. A better you makes a better world.